G MIX what is it


Building in the World, a leading Italian company with consolidated experience in the fields of innovative materials and construction quality, presents G MIX: a granular polymeric blend for lightweight substrates which boasts high thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The fruit of many years of scientific research and industrial development, it is ideally suited to satisfying the latest legislative and market requirements in terms of energy conservation, acoustic comfort and environmental protection.


The product consists of a granular blend of polymers with a unique particle size distribution curve, obtained by the post-consumer recycling of non-hazardous plastic materials, to be used in cement mortar as a substitute for natural aggregates such as sand, expanded clay, etc.
Guaranteeing the high technical and environmental quality of G MIX is its full compliance with UNI 10667-14, a stringent technical standard which prescribes the characteristics and requirements of the blend, which it designates as R-PMIX-CEM.

PREPARATION AND LAYING Instructions for use

The screed is prepared by simply mixing G MIX with water and cement until a semi-dry consistency is obtained. The typical recommended proportions for 1 m3 of polymers is 80/150 kg cement and 80/150 lt water. The product has an indicative consumption of 5 kg/m2 per 1 cm layer thickness.
It is blended, transported and laid in the same way as traditional substrates (manually, using a site mixer or pneumatic pump). Thanks to its lightweight and workable nature, it dramatically reduces the

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