APPLICATIONS How it is used

Thanks to its lightness and elasticity, significant powers of thermal and acoustic insulation, and very high compression resistance levels, G MIX lightweight substrate is ideal for making:
– Lightweight substrates for filling, covering and levelling sites, on slabs of all types (reinforced concrete and masonry, wood, metal, etc.), whether new or to be restructured.
– Thermal insulating substrates in interfloor slabs, against the ground, towards the outdoors (e.g. slabs upon pilotis) or unheated areas (e.g. garages).
– Insulation and gradient formation for flat and pitched roofs, rooftop terraces and roofing in general, whether new or to be restructured.
– Thermal insulation substrates below the level of underfloor heating.
– Acoustic insulation substrates in residential environments or to dampen vibrations in workshops and industrial environments.
– Insulation for the base and walls of heated pools.
– Filling for recesses and hollows.
– Car-friendly substrates for inside and out – squares, parking lots, etc.
– Bedding and backfill for underground utility trenches.

Some examples of use (on 20 + 4 cm reinforced concrete and masonry slabs)

“Cold” slab (e.g. garages)
Overall thickness of finishing 17 cm
Thermal transmittance U-value = 0.32 W/m2K
Impact Sound L’ nw = 55 Db

Heated floor
Overall thickness of finishing 14 cm
Thermal transmittance U-value = 0.40 W/m2K
Impact Sound L’ nw = 57 dB

“Warm” slab (e.g. interfloor)
Overall thickness of finishing 11 cm
Thermal transmittance U-value = 0.73 W/m2K
Impact Sound L’ nw = 57 dB