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G DRY System EN

G DRY SYSTEM is a complete system which includes substrate, separating layer and finishing screed on which the final flooring is laid. It is a fully dry system which does not use any water, cement, or other wet blends or binding agents.
It can be used in the construction industry to create the finishing for internal slabs by laying a substrate composed of ecofriendly polymer granules from recycling, a separating layer of resilient membrane or polyethylene sheeting, and finally a screed of layers of gypsum fibreboard.
G DRY SYSTEM is the only fully dry system which improves thermal and acoustic insulation performances compared to traditional wet cement systems, while simultaneously:
– completely eliminating the presence of dampness on abutting structures, with particular advantages for buildings of historic or artistic interest, monumental buildings, buildings with wooden construction, etc.
– reducing the thickness of the levels which need to be laid to a few centimetres for the entire finishing.
– drastically reducing completion time thanks to the speed of laying and the elimination of the need for drying times
– being easy to lay even on existing slabs in already-inhabited structures.