by Building in the world S.r.l.

Building in the World S.r.l.

For over 20 years, Building in the World has been engaged in RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and the COMMERCIAL PROMOTION of INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS, SYSTEMS and TECHNOLOGIES.
The company takes on board the most pressing demands of the market in the construction, industrial and tertiary sectors, demands which arise from growing performance requirements and increasingly stringent regulatory obligations, with the aim of supplying innovative responses and solutions which the client can immediately put to use.
In particular, the company seeks to achieve:
– ENERGY EFFICIENCY (products and systems for the construction of buildings and the establishment of industrial processes which have low energy consumption, etc.)
– ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY (recycling and re-use of recoverable materials which would otherwise be consigned to waste, ecofriendly industrial technologies with low atmospheric emissions, etc.)
– QUALITY OF LIVING ENVIRONMENTS (control and treatment of air and water, products and systems for bio-construction and green building, etc.)

TECHNICAL INNOVATION, protected and given added value by patents, along with HIGH EFFICIENCY LEVELS guaranteed by experimental evidence and highly authoritative certifications make the proposed solutions UNIQUE AND CUTTING-EDGE in their own market, thus ensuring their HIGH COMMERCIAL VALUE.
The success of this challenge is made possible within a single company thanks to integration and coordination between departments which are highly specialised in:
– Research and planning
– Development and experimental testing
– Marketing and design
– Logistics management and commercial promotion
all of which benefit from the expertise of known and trusted laboratories and professionals.

As a testament to the quality and durability over time of the products and solutions supplied, the following is a list of many of the national and international clients who have made use of the solutions on offer over the last decade: University of Rome Tor Vergata, Conad, Coop, the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Rome City Council, Milan City Council, EXPO 2015, MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, etc.