10 reasons to use GMIX

10 reasons to use G MIX

1) Quick and easy to lay. With a consistency of damp clay, the product is prepared and laid like a traditional substrate, without the need for dedicated machines or specialised manpower.
2) Lightweight. The weight of the finished substrate when in place is around 600 kg/m3, far lighter than traditional sand-and-cement screed (around 2,000 kg/m3).
3) Thermal insulation. The product’s thermal conductivity of λ = 0.076 W/mK is in fact comparable to that of an insulating panel. 8 cm of G MIX produces a level of thermal insulation which would require approx. 25 cm of expanded clay, 13 cm of aerated concrete, or 4 cm of polystyrene.
4) Acoustic insulation. G MIX is the only elastic cement-based screed to counteract sound and vibrations, and is capable of reducing the impact sound levels of floors by over 20 dB both in the lab and in the field.
5) High compression resistance. The product has obtained the highest compressibility level (CP2) under the maximum test load of 5,000 kg/m2.
6) Ecologically sustainable. The product is 100% derived from the post-consumer recycling of non-hazardous plastic materials, and does not involve the extraction of new, non-renewable raw materials.
7) Cost competitive. It has the lowest cost of any product in its category.
8) Hassle-free delivery in the most suitable and convenient form for the type, location, and size of the site through a fast and wide-reaching commercial service.
9) Long shelf life for storage and preservation, even outdoors.
10) Easy to move around the site, allowing the re-use of any surplus product.